Complete Body Fitness



I started training with the Brady brothers in April 2016 and I’ve never looked back. I’ve been given invaluable information about nutrition, health & portion control. I’ve lost nearly 75 pound to date & have no plans on stopping now.

I’ve been training with CBF for 6 years and I love it! In this time I have hit many of my personal training goals, attained Personal Bests while strength training, and have gotten fitter and healthier while having fun! Both Colm and Eamonn have an amazing knowledge of training and nutrition and are always happy to answer any questions I might have. CBF is great to train with and I can’t recommend them highly enough.

I joined CBF 9 years ago and I’m still here… you could say “its addictive” but it’s much much more than that. Personally CBFhas helped me in a lot of aspects on my life since I joined, both mentally and physically most recent helping in my recovery from cancer and for that I’m forever grateful.


I never thought Id say the words fun & excercise in the same sentence but with CBF thats exactly what it is! Colm & Eamonn are amazing at what they do…they’ve change my life & I cannot thank them enough.


CBF has had a huge impact on me personally. I joined CBF after seeing and hearing some fantastic results from friends. The classes are brilliant, great atmosphere, great variations and the amazing support from one another. I can’t stress how friendly CBF members are – it’s more than just a place to go and exercise. I feel so motivated to attend the classes and interact with people, that I know are there to help and encourage each other.

The biggest thing I’ve gotten from CBF, that was more important than any weight loss (lost 47 lbs in 9 weeks)… it has changed my attitude to health. I’m now more aware of what I should be eating and how to exercise correctly, instead of spending hours in gym on machines that are not making the changes I expect. I Can’t recommend CBF highly enough and I am telling anyone that will listen to me to give it a go, because I know they too will see the changes and positive results.


Fitness and training is a core part of my life. It was important for me to choose my trainers wisely and I struck gold with CBF and the Brady brothers!
I’ve been training with them over 8 years now on average 4 times a week and its a sound investment in them for my fitness and wellbeing.
These guys are the ultimate professionals and are results driven and proven! They manage this in an environment that trains and pushes you hard but they do so with a genuine personal care and laughter all the way! I still bounce up to training excited about the session ahead and the belly laughs I get- a tonic to decompress after work! Start your journey with them; the road leads to great ventures that never end!


CBF fitness allowed me to grow a love for exercise in a fun hard working environment. They not only enabled me to loose the weight I needed too but also build back up belief in myself and my own capabilities. Training with them has now become a weekly habit and I love it